George Fischer Toilet Refurbishments and Carpet Installations

George Fischer Toilet Refurbishments and Carpet Installations


Customer: George Fischer
Type of Project: 6 Ladies and Gents Toilet Refurbishments, Carpet Installation in Reception and 6 Stairways, and new nosing to staircases.
Location: Coventry
Date: January 2015

Bathroom Refurbishment

Needing a revamp, DJR were bought into George Fischer to give their toilets a new lease of life. To begin the project we removed the existing vinyl flooring and toilet fittings and left on the existing tiling as per the clients request.


Using adhesive, new tiles were placed over the existing with some tiles being cut to align into corners. The tiles were then all finished with a grey grout.


Once we had removed the existing vinyl flooring we went on to install ceramic flooring in the toilets.

As well as installing flooring and ceiling, the old sinks were removed and new vanity units installed, including semi-recessed sinks, vanity unit and cubicles which were all manufactured to the correct size prior to installation.


Carpet & Nosing Installation – Stairway & Carpet Installation- Reception

For the carpet installation in the stairway we began by removing the existing nosing from the stairs before cutting and installing new nosings to the staircases.


The existing carpet in the reception area and corridors was also removed, with new carpet tiles installed in the corridors and reception area using adhesive.

The End Result

With the flooring installations taking 3 days to complete with 4 fitters, and the 6 toilet refurbishments taking 5 weeks with 1 plumber, 3/4DJR fitters and 1 tiler. Following the 5 week long project George Fischer were left with brand new toilets, a new carpeted reception area, corridor and staircases.


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