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    DJR Commercial Interiors specialise in the installation of Revlok mezzanine floors.

    Mezzanine Floors

    DJR Commercial Interiors specialises in the installation of Revlok mezzanine floors and raised storage platforms. We’re based in Coventry in the West Midlands, providing mezzanine flooring to Domestic Customers and Commercial such as Warehouses, Schools, International airports, and more, within a 60-mile radius of our base in Coventry.

    Accredited Revlok Mezzanine Flooring

    Mezzanine floors are a unique type of flooring that utilise your space by creating a durable and attractive platform while providing an invaluable resource for storage at the same time.

    Here at DJR Commercial Interiors, we use Revlok – the only modular mezzanine flooring system in the UK with LABC accreditation.

    The Revlok Mezzanine Flooring System stands a world apart from other systems. Delivering not only flooring platforms with storage, but also adaptable for creating staircases and walkways.

    Cost-effective, dependable and easy to construct

    Revlok’s system offers a cost effective solution for adding raised floors that double as storage, suitable for office environment and other workspaces. These mezzanine floors can be installed quickly, and the build quality is strong, dependable and simple – having away with the traditional nuts and bolts structure of other flooring variations.
    The structure of this system is made up of main beams, columns and conveniently utilises clip-on secondary beams.

    Because of the simplicity of this structure, the time taken to set up this system can be only half of the time of other mezzanine flooring types.

    Site relocation made easier

    Another feature of Revlok’s amazingly flexible flooring system is that you can extend and dismantle it quickly for installation at another site during a relocation. This makes the whole stressful process of relocation much easier.

    This is another feature that has solidified Revlok’s Mezzanine Floors as a revolution in space-saving and durable flooring systems.

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