Rise above the Rest with Mezzanine Flooring Solutions

Rise above the Rest with Mezzanine Flooring Solutions

What is a mezzanine floor?

Mezzanine floors involve the installation of an extra floor or raised platform between your ground floor and upper floor/ceiling, much like a balcony.

In terms of mezzanine floor on offer here at DJR we use Revlok mezzanine floors which require no nuts and bolts to install instead using an interlocking system. which provides both reliability and strength in its construction.


What can a mezzanine floor offer your business?

• Space
The whole purpose of a mezzanine floor is to allow the extension of space within the existing area without much disruption by making use of unused headspace.


• Cost Effective
Mezzanine Flooring is ideal if you require more space to work but cannot afford to move premises, or pay to extend your area. instead the floor is installed within your existing space and can create up to double the workspace you already hold but at a marginal cost.

As well as this many mezzanine floors are flexible enough to be reinstalled in new premises if you ever do decide to move.

What can a mezzanine floor be used for?

Mezzanine floors tend to have two main uses, either employed separately or as a combination depending upon your business requirements and desired efficiency.

• Storage
Warehouses in particular tend to make use of mezzanine floors to provide additional storage space. These storage space look to make use of space from floor to ceiling rather than single level storage. Often warehouses have high ceilings so mezzanine flooring is the best way to utilise this space. As well as this as they are installed as platforms there remains space under your mezzanine for additional storage.

• Offices
As well as storage mezzanine flooring can allow the space for additional offices which can overlook the existing work area. This can help you to facilitate more staff without incurring additional costs.


How much will mezzanine flooring cost ?

If you’d like a quote for your mezzanine flooring project, please fill in the form on the contact us page and one of our team will be in touch to find out more about your requirements.